Sunday, 25 September 2011

I have a goal

When I took over Kohlrbaby I was thrilled to take on the challenge as this is a whole different ball game for me. For the past couple of weeks I have been thinking of ways of how to make "Moms" aware of  Kohlrbaby.

It is a great product I must say otherwise I wouldn't take on the challenge.  I approach BC Childrens'hospital and I was wondering whether I could work with them.  I told them that for every sleepsack that I sell.  I will donate $5.00 to Childrens Hospital.    I decided to do this not just because I wanted to promote Kohlrbaby but  on the personal side, we have been donors to the foundation.  We wanted to give more but that means I had to work a little harder to do it.  Days have past and have not heard.....well one day received this email saying that my cause marketing was approved.  Yipee! then reading the details of the "agreement"  the minimum donation is $25,000.
Then I started thinking...for me to achieve this $$$, I have to sell at least 15 sleepsacks a day. At present, I dont even come close to 1 a day.
This is now the biggest goal that I would like to achieve and maybe someday I would be able to reach this goal.
Of course with everybody's help

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