Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Facebook/Telus scam, unsolicited 'trivia' text messages to your phone cost you $2 per spam

User Beware!

I recently started receiving unsolicited text messages to my phone in the form of trivia.

Initially I just ignored them, but was getting quite annoyed so I called my cell phone carrier, Telus Mobility, to find out how to stop them.

Telus told me to text back "stop" which I did and am now apparently unsubscribed, however I also found out I have been charged $2.00 per text message, which seems like an exceptional scam to me.

I asked Telus to let me know who was sending the messages, so that I could complain and it turned out they are coming from Facebook. I have emailed Facebook to complain and am waiting for a response.

I am not sure what triggered these texts as I have signed up for very few apps on FB and would never have agreed to either receiving text messages or paying for them if I had been aware of it.

$40 later I am feeling pretty frustrated, so beware of any apps you sign up for as it seems like there must be something tricksy going on!

I'll post my phone bill on an upcoming blog to show how the charges appear for reference.

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