Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Plant a Tree for Baby

I was reading an article on carbon credits and came across a couple of interesting sites.

Dell has an initiative called "Plant a Tree for Me". In their own words, "Dell now makes it easy to help protect the Earth’s climate by offering anyone in the U.S. and Europe the opportunity to offset the CO2 emissions related to the use of an extended selection of IT products. Participants can also help offset the total one-year carbon impact of the average citizen. "

In Canada, this initiative has partnered with Tree Canada. Another great organization that "
creates opportunities for individuals and groups with an interest in planting and caring for trees for non-commercial use. We assess projects from an environmental perspective and offer funding and/or technical assistance. Our planting partners, who have planted over 75 million trees in ten years, are responsible for ongoing care and maintenance."

What an interesting baby gift, instead of the usual!

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