Monday, 18 December 2006

How to Keep Babies & Toddlers Warm

We did a little survey and here are some great suggestions from parents about how to keep your baby and toddler warm at night:

1) "Try fleece fitted sheets, they were even cosier than our flannel ones!"
2) "We put an electric space heater in our baby's room"
3) "Depending on the temperature of the room a fleece or down baby sleeping bag does the trick"
4) "If you have hardwood, put a rug in the room and get thick window coverings
5) "Fleece pajamas with feet is one of my sons favorites"
6) "Try putting socks on under the sleeper to help with cold feet"
7) "Lots of layers (body, pajama, and fleece) and then a baby sleep sack. That works for us."

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